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Wachay Kina weeyah! Hello Everyone!

We, at Moosonee Public School, aim to take care of the whole child (Physical, Emotional, Mental etc).  Working together with our families and community partners, we are able to meet the needs of our students and provide a safe, supportive and cooperative place of learning. Our welcoming environment, where we celebrate student success every day, promotes respect among our school community thus creating a caring and compassionate community.

We believe in the importance of parents, guardians and Elders to be the most important keys to student success.  We encourage parents and guardians to be active participants in the daily learning activities and school experiences of their children.

MPS has a focus on imbedding technology into daily instruction, providing opportunities for student leadership, developing inquiry based learning and exploring nature-based learning spaces throughout the school year.  Working with the Ontario Curriculum, teachers have embedded Aboriginal content Resources in all areas to help our students make connections. Inviting Elders to spend the day at our school to support our Cree Culture and teach our students the traditional ways has enhanced student learning and student success.

At Moosonee Public School, ‘We Learn To Live!’