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Chapter 1 Intro:

Hi! My name is Kara M. In grade 4, we built animal habitats. I chose a gharial. My Nannie, Ms.Karen, helped me by saving toilet paper rolls and suggesting a cue card with information about a gharial. For example, a gharial is in the crocodile family. Its home is in India and its habitat is rivers with fast currents. The currents help it move.

Chapter 2 : The Big Day

On the big day, I brought a squishy to school because I was SUPER nervous. When I squish something, I feel a lot better. The zoo was early. I was so stressed. When the classes started coming in, I quickly grabbed my squishy. I held on to it the whole time. It helped me relax. Everyone asked lots of questions. Everyone loved my habitat too. I taught everyone( including the teachers) all about the gharial. No one knew what it was. Most people called it a crocodile.  I thought it was so cool that I taught everyone something. It felt good.

Chapter 3: A Surprise

It was finally lunch. I was starving (as usual). Then,when I went to get my lunch, I heard Ms.Vella say that the gr.5 class is coming to our zoo! I was speechless. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it again or not. But, it went fine, and the rest of the day did too.