Parents and Community Members:

The last few days at Moosonee Public School have been challenging as our students and staff have been battling a flu-like illness.

Today the number of staff away raised serious concerns about adequately
supervising our students in our building and the school yard.  We have also had a significant number of students away
with the same illness. 

As a result of this abnormally high rate of illness in our school community we have decided it is in the best interest if we close the school for the day tomorrow, Thursday December 5, 2019.

This was a difficult decision to make but the well-being of our  educational community is a priority.  We will be consulting with Porcupine Health Unit and at the same time tomorrow have our Maintenance staff do a deep clean of our building and play areas.

This action is related solely to the Health and Well-Being of our students and is not related to the provincial job action.  We will use our website and social media feeds to keep our parent community aware of updates.

We have chosen to make this decision tonight because indication is that the trend will continue and this provides time for families
to make arrangements.

As a result of the school closure, Parent-Student-Teacher interviews scheduled for Thursday evening will be rescheduled at a
later date.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.